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Wet N Wild Color Icon Palette in Comfort Zone & Petal Pusher: Photos, Swatches, Finished Looks and Review

Wet N Wild is one of those brands that a lot of people have an opinion on based on long-standing memories. I can remember seeing the displays in my CVS growing up, all bright colors and low prices. Surprisingly enough, they have quite a following in the beauty blogging world and many people rave about their shadows, bronzers, nail polishes, and primers. After seeing countless reviews about their products, I thought I would check it out for myself. I headed to my local Walgreens and picked up the Color Icon palettes in Comfort Zone and Petal Pusher.

Wet N Wild's Color Icon Palettes ($4.99) are described as:
"Eight dynamic, perfectly color-coordinated shades with high pigment and pearl for ultra-impact color. Shades can be used together or individually to create an endless variety of looks."
The palettes are offered in three color families: Blue Had Me at Hello, a blue-aqua-green-grey mix; Petal Pusher, a pink-purple mix; and Comfort Zone, a green-bronze mix. I picked up Comfort Zone because it seemed like it had a great number of useful neutrals and I loved the green shade as well. I also picked up Petal Pusher because as a hazel-eyed person, I love wearing purples and soft pinks that draw the green out in my eyes.

wet n wild color icon
 My Walgreens only had one Comfort Zone palette left, and it was pretty scuffed up as you can see. One of the definer shades was a bit cracked, but for $4.99, I can't complain.

The palettes are awesome because they embossed into each shadow what their intended purpose is for creating a full eye look. I'm not a total makeup novice, but I thought it was neat how they did this! Each eyeshadow color is a decent size and they organize each palette into two separate looks (left column and right column) but it is obvious you can mix and match any way you would like.

wet n wild comfort zone swatch

First, I recognize my swatching skills need work!!! But that's what blogging is all about, right? Self discovery? Learning from others? Ok, now that I've rationalized my shortcomings.... Here is Comfort Zone swatched to top to bottom, left column, then right column. Some of these were a lot easier to swatch than others! The browbone shades are decently pigmented and, appropriately, don't show up much on my alabaster arm. I was impressed with the pigmentation for most of these, except the definer shades. I was really hoping the left definer would be a beautiful cranberry, but it was so hard to swatch and even harder to apply.

wet n wild petal pusher swatchwet n wild petal pusher swatch
Petal Pusher was actually easier to swatch. The shades look decent here, right?

I thought I would play around with the looks that Wet N Wild envisioned would be created and applied the shadows using their browbone, crease, lid, and definer shade suggestions. I'm going to share the looks with you and put my review for each palette with it, as my opinions on each are varied.

Comfort Zone Palette Look & Review

wet n wild comfort zone lookwet n wild comfort zone
I created this look using the right column of shadows in the Comfort Zone palette. I did use my Urban Decay Primer Potion. I felt the colors went on quite nicely! The green shade is so gorgeous and vibrant in person, without being shocking or edgy. I thought the colors pulled together well. The definer shade was the most difficult to work with and had a significant amount of fall out.

In using the left column of shadows in day-to-day wear, I find that they have a lot of fall out as well. If I am diligent about tapping my brush before applying color to my lid, it minimizes the problem. The left definer shade is a total waste; it is beautiful in the pan but the payoff is weak and patchy. I can make the lid and crease colors work, but the pigmentation is not as great as the green color on the right.

Overall, I think this palette is worth the money even for just the green! The browbone shades are totally acceptable; not my go-to by any means, but not horrible at all. The rose-gold lid shade is pretty, and would probably show up better on someone with more olive tone than myself. The staying power of these shadows with primer is at least 6 hours. Without primer, they do crease and fade by midday.

If you are looking for a neutral palette that you can travel with and aren't terribly worried about breaking or losing, this would be a great bet because it is so inexpensive. If you are also looking to experiment with a pop of green, I would absolutely recommend it!

Petal Pusher Look & Review

For full disclosure, I completed my Comfort Zone look first, and was pretty pleased with the quality of what I was working with, especially given the price. Imagine my disappointment when I started working with Petal Pusher and realized this palette was NOT on the same level!

I had so much trouble with the pigmentation of these shadows that I ended up mixing and matching shades from both sides of the palette to get the look. The definer shades are so weakly pigmented and with such immense fallout that it was a very frustrating experience. The shadows applied unevenly and required a great deal of effort to make them "work."

The final look I ended up with is fine, and I guess for $4.99, there aren't too many complaints to be had. I tried working with this palette a few more times and each time became so frustrated and annoyed that I had pulled it out. There are few things worse than your eyes being a hot mess when you are trying to get out of the door, and I had actually had to wipe them clean and start over with other products on mornings I tried using this.

I really would not recommend the Color Icon Palette in Petal Pusher. I know it is super cheap, but I think your money is better served elsewhere. I know other bloggers really enjoy this palette, so maybe mine is an anomaly, a dud, and not representative of the quality of other ones!

Whew! That was a lengthy one! Thanks for sticking with me.

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