Thursday, March 21, 2013

RIP, My Beloved Chi

It is a sad, sad day in this wavy/curly haired girl's world. My beloved Chi 1-inch flat iron has bit the dust after 6 faithful years of service. This was the original Chi, not the Chi Air that I see around as of late. I am so sad to see this item go! I feel like my hair's life can be split into BC (Before Chi) and AC (After Chi). Before Chi, my wavy hair would usually go wavy and/or frizzy even when I flat ironed it, but After Chi, it would stay straight, shiny, and happy even in humid and rainy weather (also due to my little helper, Garnier Stay Sleek Anti Humidity Harispray).

I did not repurchase the original Chi today after seeing reviews by many people who said the Chi of today is not made the same as as the Chi of many years ago, such as my model. Instead, I decided to give the GVP Digital Ceramic 1" Flat Iron from Sally's Beauty Supply a try. I will definitely let you guys know what I think of it after I get to use.

I can't believe how sad I am to lay my Chi to rest! It will be missed but I am glad I was able to get 6 years out of it. What beauty tool would you miss most if it stopped working tomorrow?

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