Monday, April 15, 2013

LORAC Breakthrough Performance SPF 15 Lipstick in Premiere Swatches, Comparisons and Review

Hello all! Today I'm sharing my review of LORAC's Breakthrough Performance Lipstick in Premiere. This formula has SPF 15, LORAC's signature anti aging complex, and is infused with Vitamin E and Olive Fruit Oil. It's paraben, fragrance, and sulfate free. It's designed to increase cell turnover and make your lips look smoother, and the formula is supposed to resist feathering. I don't usually have a problem with that, but hey, good to know.

The Premiere shade is described by LORAC as a soft rose. It's a pretty accurate description, although I find it has a bit of mauve to it. The formula is creamy and glides on really easily. Its extremely comfortable to wear and actually makes my dry patches and flakes look better, not worse. It's moisturizing properties are evident and appreciated by this dry-lipped girl. A lot of lipsticks with SPF seem to irritate my lips (anyone else?!), and this one doesn't at all. Bonus!

I was recently thinking that Premiere reminds me quite a bit of Rimmel Airy Fairy/MAC Creme Cup. The left swatch is Premiere, and the right is Airy Fairy. Premiere is a bit darker with the same amount of swipes, and has more red to it. Airy Fairy has a bit more blue. They are still pretty similar, both on the hands and lips.

Overall, I really love the formula of the LORAC Breakthrough Performance lipsticks. I think they look great and feel great, and are supposed to be keeping my lips from aging all the while. What more can a girl ask for? They are a little pricy at $22 a pop, but I have no complaints about its performance. I think this is a great formula and would definitely pick up another shade (It Girl and Nude Scene both caught my eye!) if I felt like splurging or next time a 20% VIB Sephora or Ulta coupon comes around.

Have you tried LORAC's Breakthrough Performance lipsticks?

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