Sunday, April 21, 2013

Shopaholic Tag!

Hi! Today I am trying something different.. Immy over at tagged me over the weekend. Check her out and enjoy!
Shopaholic Tag
1. Would you consider yourself a shopaholic?
Ughhh...sometimes! I go through spurts where I totally am and other times where I can stop the impulse. I am mostly a shopaholic regarding beauty products and accessories. I normally do a few big clothes shops a year and just pick up a random item here and there.

2. How would you classify your style?
Comfortable, relaxed, a little preppy, a little Jersey.

3. What store can you not leave without buying at least one thing?

4. Where do you find the best deals?
Sometimes Ulta, Walgreens, Walmart for sure..for clothes I can do really well at Kohls, Macys, New York & Company, and lately, Uniqlo!

5. What designer are you willing to splurge for?
Not a designer, exactly, but I definitely splurge on my handbags. I won't go crazy on shoes or actual clothes, but I have many designer bags (Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Furla, Kate Spade) and consider them an investment.
6. Do you have a "go to" shopping outfit?
Usually something flowy/comfortable that doesn't take too long to change out of, and a cross body or lightweight bag that doesn't make my shoulders or back ache after carrying it too long.

7. What is your guilty pleasure? (Aside from make up)
Chocolate and pretty much all Bravo TV programming... Real Housewives forever!

8. What is one staple clothing piece you cannot live without?
A good pair of riding boots... again as you can see I am more of an accessories girl!

9. What is a trend you hope never goes out of style?
Leggings with tunics and long tops... having the option to wear something comfortable yet cute is something I would really miss!

10. What trend did you love that passed way to quickly?

 Hmmm...none that I can think of! I do love the 60's influence but that is still around a bit.

11. Who is your fashion icon?

I love everything Kate Hudson and Jennifer Garner ever wear on the red carpet... so glam!

Well this was a nice change... Thanks Immy! 

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